The Great Ocean Walk
Option 1:
Hike the entire 91-kilometre trail independently from Apollo Bay to the Twelve Apostles (all walkers are asked to walk in an east-west direction); that’ll take you up to eight days, carrying food, drinking water and camping gear, and staying overnight in designated camp sites.
Option 2:
One of the great things about the walk is that it has been designed as a step-on, step-off trail, conveniently split into day-walk-sized pieces, with plenty of road access along its length. Because of this you can walk as much or as little of it as you like. The easiest sections are closest to Apollo Bay and the terrain gets more demanding the further west you go.
Option 3:
Take a three to six-day guided walking trip. A support vehicle drops you at the section of the trail you wish to walk each morning, with a packed lunch and an experienced guide, and at the end of the day you are picked up and transferred to your guesthouse near Johanna Beach for a hot shower, a hearty meal, a glass of wine in front of the open fire and, most importantly, a comfy bed.
For more information see article in The Sydney Morning Herald

Apollo Bay Market
SUNDAY MARKETS are on April (Easter) and June (Queens Birthday) only.

Apollo Bay Market  is on most Saturdays throughout the year and provides and excellent opportunity for a pleasant morning with quality handmade wares, conversation, coffee from nearby cafes and the beach all on offer.

Apollo Bay Market stall holders are from the local area, making or growing what they sell. It is very much a community market being held every Saturday morning throughout the year.

The market is located on the foreshore in the centre of town. On the site there are interesting sculptures and original seating created by market stallholders.

The Apollo Bay market began in 1978 as a meeting place, an outlet for fresh produce to encourage the development of local crafts. It is unique and has maintained its integrity and high quality ever since. more information

Twelve Apostles national park

Great Ocean Walk

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